Mark Weber | Photo: Eric Breitbart

Metropolis proudly presents a first bunch of ZERX records in our shop. Each record for 9 Euro ( incl. world-wide shipment ).

Home of the Bubbadinos & other world / class musicians & poets who happen to live in New Mexico or would like to or visited some time or ‘nuther.

Now, Before you start thinking Zerx is nothing but Mark Weber + a CD Burner in his garage let me say that most of the CDs on Zerx come out in editions of 1,050 copies and are not, even then, strictly limited. Whenever Zerx uses the term “ limited edition” it’s not strictly limited in the same way as in the fine arts world where they make a certain number of prints and then break the mold. At Zerx it merely means we made about 100 copies of the CD and that more will be made available as demand presents itself. Any further questions ? The Zerx catalogue is here…