…there is a theory that some people are able to slow time down or, as drummers say: divide the time and hear more & more deeply into the space than us mere mortals.

Muhammad Ali was the example used when this idea was first presented to me how he’d let himself be rope-a-doped for ten rounds and then out of the blue he’d stop time and dot some poor unfortunate’s lights out.

I also posit that Charlie Parker had these sort of powers and then there’s this drummer in Santa Fe name of Cal Haines who also, obviously hears between the cracks in Time..Mark Weber | 30may07

The ZERX edition is available via the Metropolis on-line record store here…. Stay tuned for upcoming news. All ZERX cd’s come in a hand printed linocut ke cardboard sleeve rather than computer-generated jewel case art. ZERX is the home of the Bubbadinos & other world / class musicians & poets who happen to live in New Mexico or would lito or visited some time or ‘nuther.

Please note: now, before you start thinking ZERX is nothing but Mark Weber + a CD Burner in his garage, let me say that most of the cd’s on ZERX come out in editions of 1,050 copies and are not, even then, strictly limited. Please note as well: whenever ZERX uses the term “ limited edition” it’s not strictly limited in the same way as in the fine arts world where they make a certain number of prints and then break the mold. At ZERX it merely means we made about 100 copies of the CD and that more will be made available as demand presents itself.