Yvonne Troxler

has performed throughout the United States and Europe. She is artistic director of the Glass Farm Ensemble, a new music group in New York City, which she founded in 2000. Yvonne Troxler has premiered numerous works by established and emerging composers including Toshio Hosokawa, Rebecca Saunders, and Balz Trümpy. Her most recent recording appears on the MGB label.

Yvonne Troxler is also active as a composer, with original works performed in the U.S. and Europe, and a recent Brooklyn-based independent film commission. A particular passion of hers is the arranging of contemporary works (from Mahler to Ligeti) for the unique instrumentation of the Glass Farm Ensemble–saxophone, guitar, percussion, and piano. Born in Luzerne, Switzerland, Yvonne Troxler studied with Peter Efler and Karl Engel in Switzerland, and Leonard Hokanson in the U.S. Awards she has received include those from the International Mozart Academy in Prague, the Pro Helvetia Council for the Arts, and the Society of Swiss Interpreters. She is currently a faculty member of the Bloomingdale School of Music in New York City. source


Yvonne Troxler on Percaso Production

Christoph Gallio à Robert Filliou ©+p 1993

Yvonne Troxler: piano

Composed by Christoph Gallio Home recorded December 5
1992 by Christoph Gallio in Basel
Edited & produced by Christoph Gallio
Cover Art: Caro Niederer