Christoph Gallio


percaso production LP 002

Christoph Gallio soprano & altosaxophone / Max Spielmann soundprogramming on “me and my fishes”

Composed by Christoph Gallio. Recorded 22. December 85 and 22. February 86 by Andreas Rathgeb at Galerie Vision, Basel and KOPROD, Zürich. Cover Art: Beat Streuli

Christoph Gallio tries to realize in performances a visual translation of his sax playing…..His performance ,Fishland‘ is an experiment in which the reflections of “goldfishes”, registered through light cells drive a synthesizer. Gallio improvises to this sound-scapes. Here you can see the subtile creativity of this sax player……compressed images, full of emotion, clearness & structure. Wolfgang Dorninger, Tapereport.