ember: Oullh d’baham

Urs Leimgruber – ss, ts | Alexander Schubert – g, elec, perc | Oliver Schwerdt – p, perc, g, elec | Christian Lillinger – dr, perc.


i soujhmar (8’28) ii yug yug baba (11’06) iii gubu bash (4’03) iv ppt/mn (7’07) v naj ’hala (8’08) vi fin. dr (1’48)

Now amazing swiss saxophon-player Urs Leimgruber is awake with a new quartet from Germany. His radical contemporary invention of reed instruments is embedded in an inner circle of a new scene of improvised music. Alexander Schubert, Oliver Schwerdt und Christian Lillinger belong to the highly creative potentials of Leipzig, Berlin and Dresden.

ember sensibly made a picturesque album of some fine chamber jazz situations. You can listen to some clusters full of strings meet a children’s guitar wah-wriggle knife. A strange jungle sliding as a filigree of urban speech. The quartet serves contemporary textures upon sandpaper weaves. Global shattering energy struts – while metal plates and plastic bowls turn into a rotary feedback at the horizon.

ember-on-concert-stage.jpgAlexander Schubert runs international projects well known for organic-electronic structures and field music. Christian Lillinger has studied under Günter “Baby” Sommer and now does a fascinating job as the hyperactive-pulsating centre of a new jazz-drumming. Oliver Schwerdt has realized some crazy music and dada shows with his ever mutating ensemble consisting of such artists Friedrich Schenker, Paul Rutherford, Rudi Mahall, Matthias Mainz, Heike Hennig and Friedrich Kettlitz.

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listen to soujhmar

listen to yug yug baba

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