EUPHORIUM_freakestra: 2 Trios & 2 Babies


Matthias Mainz – trp | Matthias Lorenz – cel | Michael Haves – b | Fabian Niermann – ts | Konrad Grüneberg – b | Oliver Schwerdt – p | Christian Lillinger – dr, perc | Günter Sommer – dr, perc.

The EUPHORIUM_freakestra live in December 2005. On one exciting stage in Leipzig, the creative centre of eastern Germany. At least a home game for the ever transforming ensemble. This time you can experience creative improvised music of young and talented twens, reliable and distinct musicians in their thirties and one legendary grandmaster. The project is about some constellations i.e. personal variations of contemporary chamber jazz. Two drummerless trios meet two drummers.

There are really intense improvisations from the trio consisting of trumpeter Matthias Mainz, cello player Matthias Lorenz and bass player Michael Haves. Strongly concentrated they are able to reduce the material. That is about to begin with nothing. The other drummerless trio comes along with Fabian Niermann on tenor saxophone, Konrad Grüneberg on double bass and Oliver Schwerdt on the grand piano.

Trustful together they are moving musically in a free associating manner, picking this up, turning that around, discovering another sandwich in a swinging abstract flow. Then you have Christian Lillinger the hyperactive-pulsating centre of the youngsters jazz-drumming in Germany and his mentor Günter Baby Sommer, who is one of the grandmasters of contemporary percussion. Both integrate their music into the different trio contextures.

Both meet each other in a unique duo play. And both you can hear trio-coupled within the fabulous sound of the whole octet. Besides that the booklet presents four lyrical addresses of speaker-actor Friedrich Kettlitz proclaimed before and after the musical things happened. Of course these fascinating, neo-dadaistic, german based words can be seen as wonderful music too…

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