Christoph Gallio | Hits / Stills

In collaboration with the video artist and photographer Beat Streuli Percaso produced a dual disc – one side as music CD, the other as DVD, enabling the viewer/listener to enjoy the music with the images together. Christoph Gallio’s friendship and working relationship with Beat Streuli goes back to 1988, when they first performed together at the Kunsthalle Basel. Out of that cooperation came the percaso release no 5, “certainty /sympathy“ (with Alfred Zimmerlin on cello, and Ernst Thoma, later to be replaced by Matthew Ostrowski doing live electronics). The duo collaboration “Controlled Lovesongs” had its debut performance in 1992 at the Dokumenta 9 in Kassel. These 8o miniatures were composed between April 2001 and February 2003. Beat’s photos were shot in Tokyo in 2006.

The pianist Claudia Rüegg has studied with Hadassa Schwimmer, Werner Bärtschi and Erna Ronca. As a soloist and chamber musician she has performed in Europe and Northern America. Her broad repertoire includes an emphasis on 20th century music. She is director of a contemporary music and art series (Forum andere Musik Kreuzlingen, Switzerland). Her other recordings include: 2003: DVD “ohraugohr” (Musicvideos by Manuel Heyer and Claudia Rüegg, STVCD 21) 2005: CD “celestial ballroom” Pianoduo Petra Ronner/Claudia Rüegg, vexer-Verlag, St. Gallen. The cover for this disc was designed by Beat Streuli and the Danish graphic designer Anne Hoffmann.


Claudia Rüegg: piano
Beat Streuli: visuals
Christoph Gallio: music

All compositions are by Christoph Gallio

Recorded at Radiostudio Zürich, 2004 June 9 & 10 by Ernst Thoma. CD edited by Christoph Gallio, DVD edited by Beat Streuli Mixed and mastered at Oakland Recording in Winterthur by Walter Schmid. Foto inside by Ernst Thoma and Annamira Jochim. Graphic design by Anne Hoffmann. Cover art by Beat Streuli.

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