Our story begins in 1974 when an 18-year-old blues lover decided to turn his hobby into a business serving similarly obsessed collectors.

Armed with $1000, Craig and his even younger brother, Keith, set off across America in a ’65 Ford Galaxie. Over the course of six weeks, they covered a dozen states and 6,000 miles, diving into dusty stacks in already plundered warehouses and stuffing what they bought into the trunk of their car. Despite the suspicion they caused among Texas state troopers and by-the-hour hotel operators, the trip proved to be a shoestring success, leading to hundreds of other trips over the next 31 years.

Today, Records By Mail offers one of the most comprehensive selections of vinyl LPs and 45s available anywhere. Housed in a 6,000 square foot warehouse that currently holds 1.3 million records, Craig and his talented, dedicated staff (Erik, Deb, Claire, Howard, Ken, Jeff, Sean, Andrea, Haim & Nate) serve music lovers in more than 70 countries.

While a network of computers and a newly re-designed website helps Craig and his staff satisfy the cravings of his customers more efficiently, he still logs thousands of miles each year – usually by plane rather than muscle car – always in search of more collectible gems.

We are always looking to improve the quality of our service, and we update our database continually, so expect new titles and new improvements with alarming frequency.Craig Moerer source