TRADITION IS A TEMPLE – The Modern Masters of New Orleans, vol. I | a motion picture of New Orleans music

Tradition is a Temple is a timeless portrait of New Orleans and the musicians that make it such a unique city. Intimate discussions with contemporary New Orleans musicians highlight their history, upbringing and how tradition has shaped their identity and continues to inspire young musicians today. The film reminds us that the music of New Orleans is the root of popular American music. Without this music, we have no Hip-Hop, no Rhythm & Blues, no Funk and no Rock n’ Roll. Get ready to clap your hands.

Starring: Shannon Powell, Jason Marsalis, Lucien Barbarin, Topsy Chapman & Solid Harmony, Roland Guerin, Steve Masakowski, Ed Petersen, Chuck Perkins, The Baby Boyz Brass Band and, The Tremé Brass Band featuring  Eric Calhoun.

Produced by Darren Hoffman, Patrick Stafford & Kristen McEntyre Written by Darren Hoffman & Chuck Perkins. Crew: Director / Editor — Darren Hoffman. Cinematography — James Laxton. Audio Recording — Steve Reynolds. Motion Graphics — Ryland Jones Associate Producer — Demetrius Wren. Additional Editing — Benedict Kasulis, Ryland Jones, Andrew Hevia. Additional Photography — Richard Thompson, Jason Prowell, Shane Sauer. Story Editors — Andrew Thomas, Alta Joy Broughton. Presented by Tutti Dynamics Motion Picture

Generous support provided by The University of New Orleans College of Liberal Arts, Department of Music — The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation — The Hogan Jazz Archives at Tulane University — The Historic New Orleans Collection, Williams Research Center — LA Artworks — AMMO Arts — The Allan Houston Legacy Foundation — The Idea Village. Copyright 2008-2011 — The Modern Masters of New Orleans, LLC


explores New Orleans’ unique musical culture and the fragility of tradition in the modern world. The movie weaves together intimate personal discussions shot over a four year span with once-in-a-lifetime studio performances by New Orleans greats, such as Shannon Powell, Lucien Barbarin, Jason Marsalis, Topsy Chapman, Steve Masakowski, Ed Petersen, Roland Guerin, The Tremé Brass Band and many more.

This portrait of New Orleans music culture highlights the musician’s upbringing, how tradition shaped their identity and continues to inspire young people today.

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Early supporters include The University of New Orleans, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, The Allan Houston Legacy Foundation and The Idea Village. This is an artist-owned production.

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We’re currently fundraising for post-production costs through an online crowd funding website called Kickstarter and we’re asking our fans for help covering our final costs.

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The filmmakers, musicians, investors, and fans of Tradition is a Temple believe that our world is more beautiful, rich and true thanks to New Orleans Jazz. We also believe musicians should be fairly compensated for sharing their gift. In addition to being paid a fee for their time, the featured musicians are equity partners in Tradition is a Temple.

We managed to keep production costs low while creating a first-class cinematic experience. This means that more revenue will flow back to the musicians once the distribution of the movie is complete.

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