The Great Jazz Guitarists no.1 and no.2

Essential for the jazz enthusiast, The Great Jazz Guitarists 1 provides detailed analysis of the individual playing styles and interpretative techniques of some the leading jazz guitarists of their day, among them Eddie Durham, Lonnie Johnson, George Van Eps, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian and Les Paul, complete with transcriptions of some of their most important recordings. Compiled and written by Ivor Mairants, this book will truly enlighten all aspiring jazz guitarists.

Ivor Mairants completes his study of more than 70 years of jazz guitar with an invaluable guide to the post-bebop era. He examines critically the work of such influential artists as Tal Farlow, Wes Montgomery, John McLaughlin, Martin Taylor and Eric Clapton, and offers detailed transcriptions of some of their most memorable and significant work, allowing amateur musicians the means to emulate the masters. Mairants even includes his personal anecdotes and insight throughout the book, making it truly a unique work.

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