The number of jazz musicians having adopted the organ are rather few in number, compared to other instruments used in jazz:: Fats Waller, Jimmy Smith, Bill Doggett, “Wild” Bill Davis, Lou Bennet, Jimmy McGriff, and naturally Rhoda Scott.

The latter achieves an original synthesis in her productions and in her music and she allows herself with grace and joy to combine themes which are typically jazz, other religious, but also themes from classical music played in jazz. A minister’s daughter, brought up in the classical music tradition, and having attended Manhattan School of Music in New York, surrounded by traditional Afro-American music, how could it be otherwise?

This is wat she demonstrates in her music. Thus it is not surprising to discover, other than her original compositions, wel-known jazz tunes, classical music themes or French airs at the same time as certain Gospels or Negro Spirituals. All of this comes from the essence of her personality and the unique characteristics of the Hammond organ, so original on the level of jazz music.

Selected Rhoda Scott recording’s