Steve Dalachinsky | Photo: Peter Gannushkin

Braxton Twelvetet plus One ( live @ the Iridium )

set 1 | 3/16/06 tippedspills/each grain repeatedly
(like kandinsky connecting to schoenberg)
to A/B connecting to self

60/this will spill good-wined & changing toward

set 2 | 3/19/06

( happy if she is with me
we will one day duo in some setting of)

… no / slag
learning of salty sand / lags salger out
der way acalls right dat seeps thru shirts
saw ya trickle in der mittle range
fluid avians prickle down whadoo
landwholes for ifin not fer fillin in
retawd in da lineseems not to be movin
even as it spills time
from one dropped glass t’nother
kicked grains stained white with bleach
frickle faster ‘n smattrin
stutter the vast & crimpled spans
glance dance prancen’ in a clickle
cyclical cabbin thru stawdinary hites
shaker spit & spillin ~~~~~~~~ “ ~
~ .'{[ ….///// ~~~~~
~~~~ ~ ~ ~“`~~ “~~~~` `~~~~`~~ ~ ~ / ./?
ton o rabx refrax a circle quickle n’ splats

steve dalachinsky nyc