Sainkho Namtchylak

Life is a great journey through illusion.
Every moment of this journey is so
intense. Some people play with it, some people
try to learn how to win, some people just pass through it!

I am sinking into every passing moment.
And I am grateful for this illusion which
presents me every second with a new fruit
to taste. Sweetness, sorrow, anger,
happiness, passion and depression. All is
Fullness and Emptiness. Oh, what a taste!

I’m born naked and I will die naked.
All I can take from this great illusion called
Life is my Spirit…..

Sainkho Namtchylak was born in a small gold mining village in the former Soviet Republic of Tuva in Southern Siberia near the Mongolian border. Her grandparents were nomads and her parents were both school teachers. She studied music at the local college but was denied professional credentials by the Philharmonic Comittee and went on her own to Moscow to finish music college there. She was trained as a vocalist at the Gnesinsky Institute there.

Sainkho Namtchylak wurde in einer kleinen Goldgräber-Stadt in der ehemaligen Tuvinischen Sowjetischen Republik in Süd-Sibirien in der Nähe der Mongolei geboren. Ihre Großeltern waren Nomaden und ihre Elten ware beide Lehrer. Sie studierte Musik an der Musik-Hochschule in Kyzyl, aber vom Philharmonischen Komitee wurde sie nicht als Berufsmusikerin zugelassen. Deshalb ging sie nach Moskau und beendete dort ihr Musik-Studium. Sie studierte Gesang am Gnesin Institut.

Selected Discography