PATA JAVA the CD documents the unique collaboration which evolved between Norbert Stein’s Pata Masters from Cologne and “Kua Etnika”, a group of Gamelan musicians from Yogyakarta, led by Djaduk Ferianto. PATA JAVA is a successful experiment in connecting different musical personalities, forms and sounds. In their head-on encounter, Pata Masters and Kua Etnika go beyond simply exchanging or synthesising forms to achieve innovative compositions in which two modes of musical expression meet and interact, sometimes exchanging roles, but always finding themselves again. This is a meeting of cultures which is immediate, intense and sincere.

The Pata Masters had already visited Indonesia in 2001 on the invitation of the Goethe Institute in Jakarta. It was during this visit that the idea of the German jazz ensemble working with the Gamelan musicians first came into being. On their second visit in October 2003, the Pata Masters and Kua Etnika worked together in Djaduk Ferianto’s studio for a fortnight, mainly playing in an open-air theatre on the edge of Yogyakarta city, a place which put them immediately in touch with the scenery and sounds of rural life in Java. This gave the creative background to the original and melodious compositions which inspired the 2500 concert-goers to “PATA JAVA on Tour” – the round of performances subsequently given in Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta.

cdjava1.jpgThe Goethe institute is glad to have been able to bring the two composers – Norbert Stein and Djaduk Ferianto from Pata Masters and Kua Etnika – together, thereby facilitating PATA JAVA as a German-Indonesian co-production. Our thanks goes to all musicians who participated and to all who helped organize the workshop, concert tour and recordings in Jakarta. Warta Jazz from Jakarta was our key partner in logistics. The project was sponsored by DaimlerChrysler AG as part of “Culture in Motion”, a programme set up by the Goethe Institut in Jakarta for cultural cooperation in Asia. Without this generous support, PATA JAVA would not have been possible. Dr. Marla Stukenberg, Head of Cultural Programmes, Goethe Institute, Jakarta.

PATA JAVA (Pata 16) Norbert Stein PATA MASTERS meets Djaduk Ferianto KUA ETNIKA (Gamelan)

“… innovative compositions in which two modes of musical expression meet and interact, sometimes exchanging roles, but always finding themselves again.”

The Pata Masters are: Norbert Stein / tenor saxophone, Michael Heupel / flutes, sub-contra-bassflute, Klaus Mages / drums, Matthias von Welck / bass-slitdrums, deep mallets, Christoph Hillmann / electronics.

javacol_05.jpgThe Kua Etnika are: Djaduk Ferianto / Srompet, Kendang, vocal, Beduk, Klunthung, Kemanak, Ketipung, Krincing, Triangle, Shaker, Purwanto / Bonang, Klunthung, Calung, Rebana, Rebab, Kemanak, vocal, Suwarjiyo / Demung, Klunthung, Rebana, Demung, vocal, Suharjono / Saron, Klunthung, Calung, Rebana, Siter, vocal, Fredy Pardiman / Saron, Klunthung, Rebana, Rebab, vocal, Wardoyo / Peking, Krincing, Kendang, Rebana, Klunthung, vocal, Sukoco / Gender, Kendang, Calung, Ketipung, Beduk, Sony Suprapto / Kempul, Gong, Beduk, Rebana, vocal.

Tracks: Sing a pure song – Jiwa – Dialog – Speak yomm – Juzzla Juzzli – Code Carnival – Cublak Cublak Suweng – Sound theatre of Tukang Pijad – Wulang Sunu

listen to sing a pure song

listen to speak yomm

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