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mark weber | gerald locklin | zerx chapbook no. 60



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  1. edward field

    i’m an old fan of these poets, who always put me in a blissful, relaxed mood, like drinking a brandy on the rocks and listening to the trumpet of Ack Van Rooyen. Gerry Locklin does indeed do his little dance at his readings — as unexpected as Laurence Olivier breaking into a soft shoe in The Entertainer. But, hey, he was a star athlete and still can move it. this book is one more demonstration of how to be genuine.

  2. Carl Miller Daniels

    Enjoyed the poems! Special favorites: Mark Weber’s “I’m a slow reader” (lovely!) and “87 Years Old” (nice mix of sad and funny & wry and nostalgic with just the nicest hint of mean & bitter!). Gerald Locklin’s “Why I Sing and Dance at Poetry Readings” (warm and intimate!); “I Have No Regrets Concerning Edith Piaf” (this one made me cackle–Jon, my lover, called me on the phone right after I finished reading this one, and I read it to him over the phone, and he cackled, too! Jon has great taste, by the way!); and “It Kind of Took the Edge off the Pathos” (what a hoot!). Gerry, thanks for telling me about this website. Enjoyed my visit very much!

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