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mark weber | chased out


my poor butt is sore from
sitting on this log too long
and these odes from old Rome
speak too clearly of the fickle
ways of mankind, and
there’s a certain fly I’d like
to feed to a spider, so far
up this canyon above Placitas, and
Albuquerque International is sending
its jets straight overhead, one
begins to despair of ever finding
a peaceful respite on this planet,
out of the blue
there is the largest cottonwood
I have ever seen! it makes me
nervous it’s so big I’m expecting
a giant cyclops with dinner on
his mind to chase me out
of here

Mark Weber – 16sept07 Sandia Mountains

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  1. mark weber

    I was reading the Odes of Quintus Horatius Flaccus (aka Horace) that day, in the perfectly wonderful versions by Joseph P Clancy that I’ve kept close all these so many years. Reading in the mountains, what could be better? Sip a little grape juice, eat a granola bar. And an apple. It’s been a relatively wet year for New Mexico, hence the flies. I was up Piedra Lisa Trail. I saw a horny toad (!) which I havent seen in years. He had coloration perfectly camouflaged for the granulated granite gneiss rocks and scrub oak (Gambel oak) underbrush. And deer all over. And birds like crazy. Sun and even the moon early on in the day. signed, mark the speller. Thank you KLAUS for posting this incidental poem of mine.

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