Crystal Wish Records CWO2

Search the farthest regions of the globe from now til the end of time and you would NEVER find a record that sounds like this. Not rap, not pop, not electronic, just phenomenal music.

A million miles from both the preposterously dull world of commercial hip-hop and the self indulgent exeesses of backpack-rap, this second full-length release from Crystal Wish sees Edinburgh‘s lyrical Brothers Grim, Kyon and Dyems unleash a monster of startlimg originality and breathtaking depth.

From the opening dabs of synth to the heartbreaking coda, Overrnght flows with a precision and intent which only history‘s greatest albums possess. Comparisons are useless, however there are occasional hints of Antipop Consortium, Richard D Janies and even Sky.

The perversely beautiful vocal landscape is underpinned by the lush, yet infectious Co-optimists beats, combining to create a sound so vivid and original it becomes impossible to elucidate. At its most abstruse the listener to enticed into multiple lyrical conundra, at times apparently abstracted beyond comprehension, oniy to unveil the meaning fifty listens later. At its most literal the music rushes up the spine und demands that your brain explains why its emotional system is experiencing such recondite turbulence. Genuinely.

Overnight will ring off your record playcr (yes, record player, this is another Crystal Wish 18Ogm vinyl-only masterpiece) like a call to prayer.

The twenty ninth of february
in truth, a special day
it blooms romantic daffodils
bathed in the sun’s sweet ray
the ladies flock to gentlemen
proposing nuptial play
while swallows dart ‘cross skies of love
in passionate display.

But underneath the ground there hides
extraordinary men
with ghostly eyes and ghastly sighs
the ink flows from their pen
it scrapes and scratches, Overnight
this deadly scroll betrays
a talent, hitherto unknown
in hon’rable foray.

For on this day, the twenty ninth
a beast shall be set free
to eminate with love and hate
and all that sits between
and you will temper, bolt upright
your ears fulfilled and more
to glorious sounds, the likes of which
there’s never been before.

Kyon and Dyems, the brotherhood
a partnership of old
encaptured on the vinyl sweet
and temperate as gold
‘Overnight’ the opus’ name
and Crystal Wish the stable
from whence pure art’s sweet melody
shall turn to Truth from Fable.

Now all you’ve got to do is buy it, gauranteed better than the record you were thinking of buying, or your money back* With love from your friends at Crystal Wish Records. *there’s no money. more Kyon and Dyems here…