I can’t think of what to say about us; I’m a medical doctor myself, and the rest are: a graphic designer, a ‘retired’ student, and a very old tape op who now works in TV editing. We love music… specifically, we all have great record collections (strictly vinyl), and have been involved with bands in Edinburgh for the past two decades collectively.

came about in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2004 that the peculiar ‘7VWWVW’ symbol was adopted as the band name. This ingenius letter sequence spells mammal upside-down,thus distinguishing mammal from previous bands also called mammal.

In 2005, KFM records helped put out the 10″ vinyl “There’s no crueller than the sea, nor even as cruel” (KFM011). That was recorded live to VHS, and mastered for vinyl only. Later that year, 7VWWVW performed live within the set of the theatrical piece “I love you numb” (Cat in a Cup productions), which aimed to address perseptions of mental health, and was sponsored by the Scottish Executive.

in 2007, under the wing of Crystal Wish records, 7VWWVW have cut a 180g 12″LP (CW001). This was recorded in Edinburgh onto 2″ tape- in keeping with the band’s overtly analogue ethic. It features ten beautiful tracks, all played on a large array of old synthesisers and drum machines. Everything is performed live by the four members, who rotate mysteriously around the gear twiddling, adjusting and playing.


One audience member at the GoNorth festival, Inverness 2007, was overheard saying “this is like the music you hear in your head“. Categorically, 7VWWVW don’t sit well; the tonal nature of the LP is obviously synthetic, but the music is much more orchestral than ‘simple’ electro. The LIST magazine (Scotland) says: “Beautiful music to soundtrack the beautiful moments in your life”.

And that’s it; 7VWWVW can be much more personal than a genre of music of music would typically allow, and it seems everybody gets something different out of us. To see the live show, in all its glory / tragedy, is where the real ethereal emotion is pounded in. The LP comes a close second.

Late 2007 will see the release of CW002; an LP entitled ‘Overnight‘. This features production by the Cooptimists (2 members of 7VWWVW), and a track by 7VWWVW – all laced with the prose and poetry of two Scottish geniuses, KYON & DYEMS. Elsewhere, 7VWWVW are composing the score for a Scottish short-flim entitled “My head kissed the ground“.

More mould-breaking records to follow from bands like Javelin, Rory & his voice, the Victorians, and the Kittens and much more on 7VWWVW and Cristal Wish Records can be found on there My-Space web page here…