zorn.jpgJonathan Zorn

I am a Connecticut based composer/performer. I mainly play stringed instruments, in particular the double bass; and keyboard instruments, in particular the accordion. I have studied bass with Dave Santorro and Volkan Orhon. I have studied and performed with Anthony Braxton.

I am a member of the Middletown Three, a compositional/improvisational trio. As a result a large amount of my work has been set for trio format. The group has recorded a ten hour drone composition, created a large book of compositions, begun to develope a cue syntax, and has recently embarked on the creation of a large scale notated piece. Much of my focus in this group has been to create a body of works that alters the symbols commonly used to represent sound, so as to access different modes of thought to achieve unique musical results.

I recently finished recording a cd of solo bass compositions. The pieces on this recording range from memorized structures that explore my personal approach to the instrument, to complex notated pieces that involve structures based on recursion and reorganization of standard thought patterns involved in music.

I am also a member of the Middletown Creative Orchestra, an open colabrative group of compsers and performers. This has allowed me to further develope my ideas in a large ensemble setting.

A large part of my work thus far has been to deconstruct structures, anything from presssure gauges to musical compostitions to myself, and reconstruct them, testing the limits of recognition and the possibilities of new forms. This area has been the ground for new combinations and orginazational possibilities.

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