Download “Skønne fru Beatriz” (mp3)

from “Else Paaske. A Portrait: Live and Studio Recordings 1967-1983”
by Else Paaske Label: Danacord Records

The Danish mezzo-soprano, Else Paaske, has had a long and distinguished career as a concert-singer. Her work as a Lieder-singer was important but she was also a noted oratorio singer. Else Paaske is the owner of one of the richest well-schooled voices of the last decades but also as an expressive and penetrating interpreter. Her voice is a true mezzo-soprano which could never be mistaken for a soprano with limited upper range but more contralto-ish. It’s a beautiful rich voice with a perfectly controlled characteristic vibrato. It is used with great sensitivity to the varied requirements of the various songs, and she can be chillingly dramatic with an almost visible intensity.