markreading.jpgmichael.jpgMark Weber was accompanied by California trombonist Michael Vlatkovich.

This was classic Beat. The poets of the evening showed the influences of the beat movement, but Weber’s combination of jazz and poetry was indeed classic. Of course, we were in a well-lit art gallery, sober, and under a “no smoking” rule of law. That was a little different.

Nevertheless, take a peek at these video’s and imagine yourself in North Beach somewhere…maybe listening to all this in a somewhat altered state of mind… or maybe just sipping coffee at the Cafe Trieste…Mark Weber hosts his own jazz show on KUNM, and has a collection of photographs of jazz artists that is truly amazing. ( check it out here…) He also publishes Zerx Records and Press which is now  available in the Metropolis shop here….

Thanks to Duke City Fix for the videos and info.