Circum is a group of jazz musicians based in the Malterie in Lille, created in 2000 to promote jazz creation, mainly through concert organisation and production, promotion of the musicians from the group, and through sensibilization.

Officially created in March 2000, this group has actually existed for much longer. Sébastien Beaumont (guitar), Olivier Benoit (guitar), Laurent Dionnet (sax), Julien Favreuille (sax), Christophe Hache (bass and double bass), Jean-Luc Landsweerdt (drums), Nicolas Mahieux (double bass), Christophe Motury (trumpet), Peter Orins (drums), and Stefan Orins (piano), during their training years (notably in the jazz department of the Conservatoire in Lille), or in their various musical experiments (concerts, encounters, band creations…), very quickly found that they shared a common idea of musical creation, and more particularly a common approach of contemporary and improvised jazz. From that moment on, several bands were started and were quickly identified as a very specific trend in the Lille jazz scene of the mid-90s.

Circum Grand Orchestre

Their common denominator has been and will always be the search for new forms of expression though this music, which has constantly been evolving and mixing with other genres since its beginnings more than a century ago. Their music is a crafty mix between European jazz (which started in the 1970s, associating written music to traditional music and free jazz) and the energy found in rock, in funk, in free jazz, or in experimental electronic music… They intend to give this music a festive touch, much like their own relationship which is as friendly as it is professional, without neglecting its experimental side.

Stefan Orins Trio

These days, the musicians from CIRCUM play an active part in the contemporary jazz scene in France and in Europe (Olivier Benoit, Nicolas Mahieux and Jean-Luc Landsweert are part of the Orchestre National de Jazz for instance…).

Happy House


Quartet Base

The Zoo