Gertrudegertrude16.jpgChristoph Gallio

“à Gertrude Stein”

percaso production CD 016

Christoph Gallio: soprano & altosax
Ellen Christi: voice
William Parker: bass
Rashied Ali: drums

Words by Gertrude Stein, Music by Christoph Gallio except 2,8,13,17 by Gallio / Christi / Parker / Ali. Recorded October 10 and 11, 1994 by Rick Rowe and Royston Langdon at Baby Monster Studios, New York. Mixed and edited by Max Spielmann at Elephant château, Basel. Mastered by Glenn Miller at Greenwood Studio Nunningen. Cover Art: Claudio Moser

Musicians Marilyn Crispell and Ellen Christi add fresh sounds to the male world of jazz. Jennifer Lawhorn

Ellen Christi displays a wide load of stylistic jumbling, often changing voices several times…Her technique involves lots of jamming together of words and non-word events, and if you’re not a square, you can handle it. Byron Coley

Cecil Taylor has been aware of Parker’s value for a decade…William Parker’s bass is one of the most unique voices in improvised music. Carl Baugher

William Parker is simply one of the greatest bassists alive. He is a highly creative soloist and a master o free group interaction. His playing combines a total integration of dynamics, rhythm, and melody with an uncanny instinct for what is right for the composition or the soloist. Ed Hazell

Rashied Ali is especially interested in immediated improvisation. He can let himself go and be continually inventive. Jackie McLean

The key reason for the presence of Rashied Ali in the group is his contribution toward that totality of improvisation. You see, he’s laying down multidirectional rhythms all the time. To me he is definitely one of the great Drummers. John Coltrane