1960 born in Zurich/Switzerland.1976-79 diploma as a cook.

1982-86 studies with Billy Brooks at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern
1992-95 studies with Pierre Favre at the Conservatory of Luzern
1995 studies in contemporary Composition with Siegfried Kutterer in Basel

Works with the drum-ensemble «Nottwil» with Uli Joh. Kieckbusch and Burkhard Jäckle and others since the middle of the 80th’s, he’s involved in different styles of Jazz and improvised Music with: Franz Aeschbacher, John Butcher, Gene Coleman, Bertrand Denzler, Robert Dick, John Edwards, Donat Fisch, Christoph Gallio, Mich Gerber, Dominique Girod, Malcolm Goldstein, Eugen Gomringer, Michael Griener, Charlotte Hug, Ewald Hügle, Jason Kahn, Hans Koch, Tomas Korber, Annette Krebs, Urs Leimgruber, Joke Lanz, Paul Lovens, London Improvisers Orchestra, Werner Lüdi, Albert Mangelsdorff, Philippe Micol, Michael Moser, Günter Müller, Andrea Neumann, Lucas Niggli, Evan Parker, Norbert Pfammatter, Lê Quan Ninh, Christoph Schweizer, Irène Schweizer, Alex von Schlippenbach, Marianne Schuppe, Martin Siewert, Harri Sjöström, Günther Sommer, Jürg Solothurnmann, Daniel Studer, Michael Thieke, Dieter Ulrich, Phil Wachsman, Chris Wiesendanger, Christian Weber, Günter Weiss, Michel Wintsch, Alfred Zimmerlin… regular works with dancers above all with Nina Schneider from Bern. Solo-concerts and teacher for drums and percussion ensembles


Christian Wolfarth “3-3-2” – 8 pieces for drums percaso production CD 015

Christian Wolfarth: drums. Composed by Christian Wolfarth. Recorded Dezember 22, 23, 24 1994 By Andreas Litmanowitsch at Schlosskeller Fraubrunnen, Bern Mixed by Rolf Büttikofer and Andreas Litmanowitsch at Zone 33, Bern. Mastered by Glenn Miller at Greenwood Studio. Cover Art: Urs Frei

Original, minimal, ludicrous, playful; these are some words to describe the music of Christian Wolfarth. In any case, his music is very personal.

The centre of his attention is the sound, which is mostly very compact. His music is partly played with extremly reduced material. Christian Wolfarth is going his own way. Few of his eight compositions remind of the original drum set. One piece e.g. is arranged for an old children marching drum and two cymbals, another one for four prepared cymbals; a thirdone is composed for tin and scrap.

The drummer comes from the jazz, just as well as from the contemporary, written and improvised music. He is also regularly working with dancers and actors. Christian Wolfarth studied with Billy Brooks at the Swiss Jazz School in Berne and with Pierre Favre at the conservatory of Music in Lucerne. The music was recorded by Andreas Litmanowitsch in the basement of the castle of Fraubrunnen near Berne (Switzerland). Music to be remembered….

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