creative sources | cs004

Pedro Chambel / guitar

Recorded on 28 November 2001, Lisbon. Front cover photographs by Carlos Paixão. Total Time 41:12 © 2002. Cover design Carlos Santos

Cover layout may have industrial ressemblances and some of the sounds Pedro Chambel’s guitar produces may have, to certain extent, conotations with the so called “industrial music” but the actual cultural pot where this work is to be placed at is quite a different one, namely “Silent Improvisation” the way Sealed Knot or IST produces it.

p_chambel.jpgThese two feature Rhodri Davies and Mark Wastell like in electric and electronic version if one may say so. And that’s what is so appealing about this first work by Pedro Chambel: References are from Acoustic music (even knowing this one’s own may be electronic) not from other guitar practices meaning Abstraction or Experimentalism – familiarity with Burkhard Stangl or Kevin Drumm is not perceivable here.

The level of loudness kept by this musician is minute yet that fact makes him loose no density or intensity. Short eruptions along the fraile assembled structures sound as if something else/more is about to happen but it all turns back to the very same condition of static crepitation which necessarily leads the listener to increased concentration. At times spaces of silence turn this one into musical matter, meeting John Cage’s. “Small is beautifull” aesthetics has indeed reached Portugal. Rui Eduardo Paes