A Chromatic Approach To Jazz Harmony And Melody

by David Liebmann

Learn to incorporate chromaticism (using notes outside the stated tonality to enhance a phrase) into your playing with this straight-forward, easy to understand approach that allows you to personalize as well as to modernize your existing jazz material. This book should be seen as a method to help the artist to develop his or her own way when trying to improvise chromatically.

Through the concepts and examples offered, the improvisor should be able to use this material alongside already familiar tonal ideas. Specifically, the book serves as a guide for organizing chromaticism into a coherent musical statement meant to satisfy both the intellectual and emotional needs of artistic creation. The reader will be introduced to more than one way of conceiving chromatic lines and harmonies. There is nothing theoretically complex or new in the text, it is the organization of the material as well as many musical examples and transcriptions (Bach, Scriabin, Coltrane, Shorter, Hancock, Beirach, Liebman a.o.) which should serve to inspire musicians to expand their usual diatonic vocabulary. This book also provides insight into the style of playing that David Liebman is known for. In addition the book contains 100 assorted solo lines and 100 chord voicings.

An optional demonstration CD is also available to showcase concepts discussed in the book David Liebman: soprano saxophone, Phil Markowitz: piano, Vic Juris and Bob Reich: guitar. It includes verbal explanations, demonstrations from the book, play-along tracks, plus several listening tracks for your enjoyment. Each track is like a private lesson from master teacher David Liebman.

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