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Tonino Miano and Mirio Cosottini

met in Italy a little over nine years ago while recording for The Last Animal, from Zarathustra by Lorenzo Brusci. Four days in a recording studio led to a lot of experimenting; to an almost childlike open-mindedness that is rare to find in amateurs and seasoned artists alike. Session after session, as they tackled an array of different concepts often laid out by Lorenzo Brusci, they recorded material that exceeded the purpose of the project at hand and ended up finding a right of its own. But instead of being gathered and considered for publication, it remained idle for years to come, until now.

“..Very exploratory and rewarding musical experience, especially for listeners who refuse to accept “normal” in their adventures..” Rotcod Zzaj – Improvijazzation Nation, Issue #81, April 2008.

“..This is an inventive and well-matched duo that likes to push each into some intense and often tight-knit areas…” Bruce Gallanter – Downtown Music Gallery, April 2008.

“Sounds made by various extended techniques form one aspect of Ideal Bread’s approach; they are the core of the approach of the duo of trumpeter Mirio Cosottini and pianist Tonino Miano. Cosottini never seems to hit a note square. Rather he squeezes them out, barks them even. The notes splatter like fat rain drops on hot pavement. His tone is a breathy cry at times, a lyrical sigh. Miano moves from the outside to the inside of the piano. However, such a range of techniques often does not result in a corresponding variety in the music. That’s where Miano and Cosottini stand out. Each of the seven pieces in their short recital has a focus.” © Cadence Magazine, 2008.

Estreia da Impressus Records com um título do pianista italiano Tonino Miano, fundador da editora, músico que toca e ensina em Nova Iorque desde 1993. Miano, em duo com o trompetista Mirio Cosottini, do Music Improvisation Research Group (GRIM). O ambiente de The Curvature of Pace (curioso trocadilho com a curvatura do espaço, da teoria da Relatividade de Einstein, que, metendo a força gravitacional ao barulho, recusou a ideia euclidiana de espaço-tempo plano) é de pura improvisação livre, por dois músicos que se conheceram encontraram há cerca de uma década, gravaram esta sessão. À época, a opção foi deixá-la “estagiar” durante uns anos, para depois ouvir como soaria. Tempo passado sobre o registo, a música revela-se fresca, inventiva e exploratória de uma grande variedade de registos. Um tipo de experiência que estimula e desafia o ouvinte, através da projecção a várias velocidades de imagens sonoras fora do vulgar, contínuas e fracturadas. Sons ácidos de trompete combinam com o pendor mais melódico do piano, num agridoce cativante. Quanto mais se ouve mais se gosta. Eduardo Chagas

Pianist and Composer Tonino Miano is the founder of this new label that will focus (at the present) on his own work, and the work accomplished in collaboration with other musicians.

Impressus Records is an environment friendly record label. That’s why the jewel case has been replaced with a sleeve made out of 100% recycled material, and the use of paper has been eliminated, while the design is made possible by the use of custom made rubber stamps. Any additional information will be available on the label’s website. The Curvature of Pace is the first work to appear on Impressus Records.

GRIM (acronym for Music Improvisation Research Group) is an Italian based project created in 2005 by musicians and composers Alessio Pisani and Mirio Cosottini. Its aim is to develop and deepen their interests in improvisation, sound & composition methodologies, while leading various project and workshops on improvisation throughout the country.

GRIM’s activity is articulated in three ways: through performances (with the groups EAQuartett, EASilence e l’EAOrchestra), divulgation through workshops, (laboratory of Improvisation at the Padova Conservatory) and records (GRIMedia Records). EAQuartett is the first CD produced by the label.

Mirio Cosottini graduated from the Academy of Music of Florence (1992). Received a degree in Philosophy from the University of Florence (1999). Studied composition, musical analysis and improvisation, and has made musical contributions to the fields of dance, theatre and cinema. In 2005 he co-founded with Alessio Pisani the GRIM-Italy (Musical Improvisation Research Group ). Since 2005 he teaches Improvisation at the Conservatory of Padova, Italy.

Discography: among others,

  • “L’ultimo Animale, sullo Zarathustra”, Timet, 2002 (ITA). EAQuartet, Electroacoustic Quartet, GRIMedia Record, 2007 (ITA).


  • Vinko Globokar, Bruno de Franceschi, Franck Shulte, Zeena Parkins, Eliott Sharp, Timet, Stefano Bollani, Stefano battaglia, Alessio Pisani, Tonino Miano, GRIM.

Some performance venues:

  • Filmhouse, Cologne (D);
  • Centre International d’arts visual, Marseille (FRA);
  • 20° Biennale di Musica di Zagabria (International Festival of Contemporary Music), Zagabria;
  • Teatro dell’Elfo, Milano, (ITA);
  • Institute of Italian Culture, Los Angeles USA;
  • Teatro Metastasio (ITA);
  • Theater of Luzern (Swiss),
  • Theatre national Sorano, Dakar (Senegal),
  • Conservatory of Music of Padova, (ITA)

Please visit Mirio Cosottini’s web page here…

Tonino Miano graduated with maximum honors from the Conservatorio V. Bellini of Caltanissetta (1991). Obtained a degree in Musicology from the University of Bologna with a thesis on J.Cage (1993), and a B.S. in Physics from the City College of New York (2004).

Discography: among others,

  • “Recorded Live at La Mama la Galleria”, RSM, 1994 (USA),
  • “Carne Capitata”, Timet, 2000 (ITA),
  • “L’ultimo Animale, sullo Zarathustra”, Timet, 2002 (ITA).

Some performance venues:

  • NYU, Knitting Factory, WKCR Radio, Roulette, Stork Music Festival, Binnenpret, The Apollohuis.


  • Jaap Blonk, Lorenzo Brusci, Domenico Caliri, Marco Cappelli, Mirio Cosottini, Dinu Ghezzo, Edoardo Marraffa, Andrea Melani, Jim Pugliese, Tim Rowe, Mirko Sabatini, Blaise Siwula.

Tonino Miano lives and teaches in New York since 1993.

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THE CURVATURE OF PACE: Mirio Cosottini /Tonino Miano

All the way from Italy comes this very enjoyable CD full of full-blown piano/trumpet improvisations from Mirio (trumpet) and Tonino (piano). The intro, “Rushdash”, is light/airy, with (as the title implies) a real “movement” to it. The second piece, “The Hunt”, is more sparse, definitely haunting, & full of strange oddistry. After a solid third listen to the entire album, I found that my favorite track was “Nine Years Ago”, probably because of the well-recorded piano… contrasts abound on this composition, too, with breath-tones galore from Cosottini’s trumpet providing counterpoint to the sweet sounds from Miano’s keyboard. Suffice it to say that it won’t be (exactly) what you expected… of course if you are a dedicated fan of improvisation, you wouldn’t want it to be anything less, right?

Very exploratory and rewarding musical experience, especially for listeners who refuse to accept “normal” in their adventures. I give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any and all who want to hear the music of tomorrow – today! Rotcod Zzaj – Improvijazzation Nation, Issue #81, April 2008.

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“Featuring Mirio Cosottini on trumpet and Tonino Miano on piano. I can’t tell you anything about this most impressive Italian duo, except that one of them dropped us off a few copies recently. Being too busy with certain store responsibilities, Manny made me check this out and I’m glad he did. If I didn’t know better, I would think that this is Nate Wooley and Sylvie Courvoisier, perhaps. This is an inventive and well-matched duo that likes to push each into some intense and often tight-knit areas. Sometimes the piano has that eerie, dreamy effect, like we are drifting into another world.

On “The Hunt,” it sounds as if Tonino is rubbing something inside the piano, rather Denman Maroney-like while Mirio plays those twisted, fractured trumpet sounds. The combination of that mesmerizing bowed piano and small trumpet fragments is just right, quietly cosmic and somehow charming. Sometimes they slow things down to a snail’s pace so we can notice the textures of each note and sometimes they bring in bits of haunting melodies. Thanks Manny, for twisting my arm, it was well worth it. – BLG” – Downtown Music Gallery, April 2008.

Impressus Records

Der inzwischen in der Bronx lebende Pianist Miano kollaboriert hier mit einem alten Bekannten, dem Trompeter Cosottini, mit dem er vor 9 Jahren schon Lorenzo Bruscis L’ultimo animale, sullo Zarathustra eingespielt hat. Cosottini, der 2007 die Musik zur TV-Dokumentation And They Came to Chicago: The Italian American Legacy beisteuerte, ist nicht nur studierter Philosoph, sondern auch Mitbegründer der GRIM (Music Improvisation Research Group), die das umweltfreundlich in Recyclingkarton verpackte Debut auf Mianos eigenem Label unterstützte.

Nach dem Uptempoeinstieg mit ‚rushdash‘ zeigen die beiden mit ‚the hunt‘ ihr Faible für phantastische Lautmalerei, mit gepressten Trompetenglissandos, rauem Stöhnen und spotzendem Schimpfen dazu kommen spitze, gespenstische Schleiftöne aus dem Innenklavier und trippelnde Treppenflucht auf den Tasten. Wer jagt in diesem Mad Movie wen? Bei ‚nine years ago‘ agiert Cosottini mit theatralischer Überblasvokalisation, während sein Partner besinnliche Erinnerungen perlt.

Die ‚dialoghi di traversa‘ entwickeln sich im munteren Kontrast, umso verzagter und trister klingt die anschließende ‚barcarolle‘ im Nieselregen, bis das Getröpfel so stark wird, dass die beiden die Beine unter den Arm nehmen. Nach dem schräg umeinander kurvenden, verschnatterten, gehämmerten Titelstück setzt ‚nebbia nebbia‘ den allerzartesten Schlusspunkt, das Klavier betthupferlt die quängelige Trompete in den Schlaf. Finger weg, Berlusconi! [BA 58 rbd]. Bad Alchemy, May 2008.

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Download listen to Tonino Miano and Mirio Cosottini | nebbia nebbia

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